Sandbox Software Security

Updated April 12, 2019
Sandbox is committed to the security of our customers’ data and has built systems that provide multiple layers of security to protect the integrity data contained within and passed through all Sandbox applications and services.
Sandbox consists of the core Sandbox web application and two mobile applications. The Sandbox Teacher and Sandbox Parent mobile apps are distributed solely via trusted download sources; iOS devices can access our apps from the Apple App Store, while Android devices can access our apps from the Google Play Store.
User Authentication
We only provide access to Sandbox Software and apps through a login and password. As a verified customer, you control who has access to your data. You have the ability to create and manage access for user accounts to suit your centre’s security standards.  As a user or parent, you too have secure access to create and manage your individual user accounts and data.

All Sandbox employees have unique password protected user accounts. All Sandbox services and systems require current user credentials.
Data Encryption
All Sandbox data is fully encrypted both at rest and in transit. Encryption increases your security and privacy while you access our services. When you use any of our services, including Parent Portal, Sandbox, TimeClock, Online Registration and any of our apps your connection is encrypted. We use leading technology like HTTPS and Transport Layer Security to encrypt your connection
Network Security
The Internet may seem like a dangerous place, but Sandbox leverages defence-in-depth tactics to protect your data and our systems. We layer security controls and access restrictions within our environments to prevent intrusions and unauthorized access. Sandbox uses firewalls, intrusion protection, IP filtering and network segregation to control who and what gets access to your data.
Secure Cloud Infrastructure
From your parent messages to billing information, we keep your data secure around the clock. Our databases use at-rest disk encryption to protect your data while you aren’t using it. We use industry leading Amazon S3’s enterprise-grade services to host our servers. Amazon’s S3 data centres are fortified to protect against both digital and physical/environmental threats. Physical access to Amazon’s S3 data centres is tightly controlled, and only granted through justified user access. These controls include 24/7/365 monitoring and surveillance, on-site security staff and regular ongoing security audits. Amazon’s S3 data centres are certified to contain the most sensitive user data and adhere too many strict certifications including ISO, PCI, SEC, HIPAA and SOC.  
Security Monitoring
As an added level of security, we monitor our servers daily for anomalies to make sure your data is secure and available when you need it. System events and user access is logged and validated daily to proactively monitor usage and manage system activity, growth and access.

As a Sandbox customer, you have access to software user audits to track the actions of Sandbox users in your center.
Access Anywhere
Sandbox Software being a cloud based system is available 24/7 around the globe and available to connected PC, Mac, tablets and mobile phones. We use multiple redundancy technologies for our hardware, networks, data centres and infrastructure. These ensure that if any component fails, Sandbox will keep on running – with little or no disruption to your service.
With Sandbox being cloud based, you always have access to the most up to date and secure software available. Upgrades are planned and executed in a non-intrusive manner across all of our services to provide secure and uninterrupted access to your data.
While we do strive for 99% uptime, there are very rare occasions where we will need to plan short periods of downtime to complete server or software updates. In these rare instances, customers are notified well in advance of any planned service that may result in downtime.
Disaster Recovery and Readiness
Sandbox performs regular hourly backups of our servers to ensure your data is available and safely stored. Backups are securely transmitted and retained across encrypted links and stored encrypted until needed. Should an unlikely event occur, such as a data failure, we will be able to recover your data from one of our encrypted data backups with minimal to no data loss.
Processing Integrity
Scale and Performance
Sandbox has been designed and built to grow with your business. Our high-power servers and systems are built to provide you and our thousands of users with consistent uninterrupted access to Sandbox applications and your data.  

With Sandbox being a cloud-based service, we can easily grow our computing power and storage to meet the needs of our growing user-base.
Confidentiality & Privacy
Your Data and You
Your data is kept in the strictest confidence. No other customer will ever have access to your data.  

Based solely on authenticated customer support request, you can grant Sandbox employees temporary access to user data for the purposes of support, training and troubleshooting.  
Incoming and Outgoing Data
To maintain data privacy, customer records submitted to and extracted from Sandbox are delivered via secure and encrypted transfer service.

While e-mail transmission of personal information may be accommodated, it is not our preferred option.

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