6 Steps for a Successful Transition to New Childcare Software

Julia Erman
January 14, 2021

Switching over to a new child care software system can be super overwhelming. When I switched my system over to Sandbox, I had done my research and was sure I was making the right decision but I figured I would have to invest a lot of time training before it began to make my life easier. 

Well I was wrong. By putting in the hard work upfront and using the support and training available at Sandbox I was able to get fully up and running within a month and switch off our old system for good!

I can honestly say that Sandbox saved my center a TON of time and with it’s great support, easy-to-use design, and the following steps, anyone could switch to Sandbox and start saving time today that could be better spent in the classroom and growing your business! 

Today I am going to share with you 6 things you must do to successfully switch your childcare software. 

1. Timing is Everything

When looking to make the switch to new software, it is important to find timing that works best for you and your center. At the center I led, we chose January as the ideal time to make the switch to Sandbox Software. I know it may seem strange to make the switch during the school year, however, the transfer of billing information was really important to us and starting fresh with a new fiscal year made this transition easier.

We have found the most popular time for centers to make the switch, is during the summer months. Centers often have a much lighter workload during this time, which makes it a great time to review software options. This time of the year also allows them to comfortably make the switch and be ready for the new school year.

Here at Sandbox we also have many features and processes in place that help make the transition a breeze at any time - find out how!

2. Take Time for Training

Successful centers also make time to train staff as they switch over. This is why it’s best to switch over when things are a little slower.  It can be a significant undertaking at the beginning to switch software systems so taking time to find your way around the software with proper training will help you use the new software to the best of its potential. Of course it helps to choose software that has a reputation for great customer support

3. Communication is Key

Centers that communicate with parents early and often tend to have the most success, and this is especially true when you are switching systems. Although they might not be actively involved when you first make the switch, letting parents know what’s coming and explaining what’s happening behind the scenes at your center is important. This will give them a heads up to watch for any changes and provide feedback along the way, and may even allow them to lighten your load through online registration.  

4. Be 100% on Board

The biggest mistake is to switch software systems before you are 100% sure that it is the right decision to make. Every center has different budgets, needs, and priorities so it is important to do your research and know that you are making the right decision for your center as you will not want to make another change, trust me!

5. Take it Slow

Switching over software systems can be like drinking out of a fire hose, especially when switching from no software or minimal service to full service software like Sandbox that will manage all of your center’s communications and business needs.

The centers that we see have the most success are the ones who do it in phases. Take one area at a time and Slowly learn to put the full power of quality childcare software to work for you. This will help prevent overwhelming your staffing team or frustrating your families and you can always ramp up or slow down the process as you go. 

6. Get Support

If you are using new software like Sandbox that has support available, use it! As you get started don’t hesitate to hit the CHAT box or call into support as much as you need. If you ask for help at the beginning,  you’ll notice you won’t need as much help in the long run. Also, this will prevent you from setting up your account wrong or starting bad habits from the get go. Get the help and support you need, that is what our award-winning team is here for! 

When Choosing Childcare software it’s important to do your research to find the right fit for you. Finding software that is easy to use and has great support will save you and your staff hours of time wasted behind a desk and free up time for more important things. Childcare software like Sandbox saves you tonnes of time by streamlining things like billing, reporting and parent communication and will make your life and the life of your staff and parents easier. Make the change today and take your childcare center to the next level!  

Get started today in our free 30 day trial or get a live tour with a product expert!

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